New Live Electronic Music video! “Strange Meditation II”

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Hello, dear friends! This is a performance I made just using my trusty Korg Kaossilator Pro as instrument and sound generator.

What I like the most on these kind of Kaossilator Pro performances is that I end up producing some amazing new and fresh sounds that I would never ever get anyway else!

Another thing – more philosophical, I guess – is that, apart from recording the performance, the sounds and loops are gone forever! Even though, after finishing the track on Reason I cut some bits and pieces of the performances in order to create a loop library, the only way I can do this is using the finished stereo track – you see, Kaossilator Pro doesn’t have individual channels for export, just the stereo outs – no stems hanging around here, baby!). This helps me connect more seriously with the present moment, the Now of the performance!

I also like to feel I’m manipulating the sounds and effects with my own hands and fingers…feels like a REAL instrument to me! This is just another guitar (with a huge sound palete, I admit…). Some people don’t understand…”but, why are you not playing guitar?!”…this is an extension of my guitar, my friend! The extension that allows me to dream of new sounds and try new territories…there’s always a huge risk involved in these performances, but it keeps the music alive!

Well…so, what do you think? Do you like it? Do you do it? Do you wanna try it? Do you like to listen to it? Even dance, maybe?!

Oh, and I added some background mysterious footage…hope you like it! Let me know!

Thank you very very much for your support! All of this is direct from my soul to you!

So, here it is, let’s (strangely) meditate on this:

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