New music video series: Creative Covers & Remakes!!!

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Hello, my friends! What’s up?!

It took me years and years until I accepted the idea of producing covers (I’d rather call them ‘remakes’ since they end up so different from the original) to help my channel and public to grow.

Well…if I was going to do it, I would do it with all my heart and soul! So I’m picking up songs that are very dear and near to my heart, that make any sense for me and my musical language.

So, I started with a song that was very important to me and made me look with eager eyes to the Electronic Music scene, techno in particular:
BJÖRK’s “Army of me”!!!

Yeah…if you’re wondering…yes, besides taking the ‘cover’ (remake!!!) route, now I sing also!!! Sorry about that 🙂

I hope you like it because I’m not stopping with just this one! I plan to ‘commit’ this every week!!!

Please, visit my channel, subscribe, tap the bell!!! Share my message and my music!
Comment and give me what songs would you be happy if I covered (no pun intended…).

So, go there and watch it! I hope you really enjoy it, it was made with all my heart, soul, ears and fingers…ouch, and vocals!!!!



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