NEW EP “Sound Funnels”! Just electric guitars!

The music in this EP is made using only electric guitar and a good amount of digital FX and sound manipulation, but the takes were all improvised in the studio. Tracks 1 and 3 are more…avant-garde ish…track 2 is almost something like an electric baroque piece for electric guitars and delay 🙂 . The name of the album…well, I don’t really like to explain too much of where my inspiration comes (that’s my Lynch MO) but I could say that some guitars in this record DO sound like funnels…but I prefer that you make your own mind about it, preferably considering ‘higher’ reasons such as the funnels of perception…reincarnation funnels…energy paths…or something like this. Anyways…I really hope you like it and hear it more than one time, that’s usually when the magic happens! Thank you for all your support, subscribe, and help me make more and more music every day!

And here it is:ls

About Marcel Rocha

Brazilian music creator. Electronic and guitar music which explores the depth of the human existence.

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