New Music Video! “Infininverso”

Hello, dear friends! With great joy I share my newest music video: Infininverso!

I talk about how everything is connected in our universe…but, you know, I talk with sounds only! 🙂

Olá, queridos amigos! Com muita alegria eu compartilho com vocês meu mais recente videoclipe: Infininverso!

Neste vídeo e música, eu falo a respeito de como tudo em nosso universo está conectado…mas você sabe, né?, eu falo com sons apenas! 🙂 

SPONTANEOUS MUSIC CREATION – The music that writes itself

The song that writes itself…I was just changing strings and then this music was…downloaded to me…through me! Completely spontaneous music creation! I’m happy I could capture this moment!

A música que se compõe a si mesma! Eu estava trocando as cordas da guitarra e essa música simplesmente surgiu em mim, através de mim! Criação musical totalmente espontânea! Fiquei feliz de ter conseguido capturar essa mensagem musical!

[LIVE IDM] Squeezing new sounds from the Kaossilator Pro!

Hola, my friends! Here it goes, one more experience trying to make the Korg Kaossilator Pro sound like nothing else…even unlike itself!

I believe I have come up with really new strangely beautiful new sounds in this live performance of electronic music and I’d like to share with you and have you take on that.

Again, the sense of the present moment, the real NOW is really what it’s all about here: MUSIC and NOW! VIBRATION and PRESENT! Energy manipulation at its best!

What do you think about it? Come with me in this journey!

Thank you very very much for your support! All of this is direct from my soul to you!

Now…trip on it!

LIVE ELEKTRO – Using Propellerhead Figure app “aPPology I”

Hello, dear friends! I’m starting off a new series: aPPolgy!

What this means? This means that I’m going to create as much music as possible – as well as I’m gonna try to produce the most interesting and creative sounds and strategies – using just iPad apps – sometimes with a little help from other gadgets :-).

So, for kicking that off, I have just created a track using only the Propellerhead app FIGURE.

I try to play it as a ‘live’ instrument all that I could using its looping function in conjunction with live manipulation of the parameters.

I really hope you like it and comment on it!

So, here it is, the new best: aPPolgy I !!!


Hello, dear friends! I’d like to share with you another performance I made using the Korg Kaossilator Pro as unique sound generator.

As I stated before, the sense of the present moment, the real NOW is what I find the most interesting with this kind of music creation. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I start. I don’t know how it’s gonna sound. I don’t know anything…I just follow the moment…the presence of the present…some kind of channeling, maybe. After all, I’m receiving music in real time…and translating it into a musical performance. And, again, what is REALLY interesting is that there is no way anyone (including myself) could play this music in this exact way. It’s a gift from the present and for the present only. A present from the present 🙂 ! It’s good nowadays we can record it and film it, isn’t it?

What are your feelings about it? Come with me in this journey!

Thank you very very much for your support! All of this is direct from my soul to you!

Now, let’s meditate…in a strange way! 🙂

New Live Electronic Music video! “Strange Meditation II”

Hello, dear friends! This is a performance I made just using my trusty Korg Kaossilator Pro as instrument and sound generator.

What I like the most on these kind of Kaossilator Pro performances is that I end up producing some amazing new and fresh sounds that I would never ever get anyway else!

Another thing – more philosophical, I guess – is that, apart from recording the performance, the sounds and loops are gone forever! Even though, after finishing the track on Reason I cut some bits and pieces of the performances in order to create a loop library, the only way I can do this is using the finished stereo track – you see, Kaossilator Pro doesn’t have individual channels for export, just the stereo outs – no stems hanging around here, baby!). This helps me connect more seriously with the present moment, the Now of the performance!

I also like to feel I’m manipulating the sounds and effects with my own hands and fingers…feels like a REAL instrument to me! This is just another guitar (with a huge sound palete, I admit…). Some people don’t understand…”but, why are you not playing guitar?!”…this is an extension of my guitar, my friend! The extension that allows me to dream of new sounds and try new territories…there’s always a huge risk involved in these performances, but it keeps the music alive!

Well…so, what do you think? Do you like it? Do you do it? Do you wanna try it? Do you like to listen to it? Even dance, maybe?!

Oh, and I added some background mysterious footage…hope you like it! Let me know!

Thank you very very much for your support! All of this is direct from my soul to you!

So, here it is, let’s (strangely) meditate on this: